A Collaborative that facilitates the reltational resource of people for people.

Sixtyone. An existing relational network that functions as a platform for real change. The Sixtyone collaborative was birthed in the church community, from the inspiration of Isaiah 61 – Good News for the Oppressed; this was further underpinned by +61 being the telecommunications country code for Australia.

The Sixtyone collaborative builds on the collective knowledge and wisdom of all the great ventures that exist and have existed. It takes these concepts and envisions how need can be met in the most efficient and sustainable way possible; how the local wisdom of those who are in direct contact with need can be assisted/ augmented/sharpened/ honed/ funded/refined by a relational network of people for people.

Meeting people where they are, not sanitising the need. A platform supported by itself through a network of interrelated structures that feed back to the platform to foster sustainability. Also, a vehicle to use the latest technologies and existing funding structures to further the reach of the relational network and respond to more needs across the globe.

An ecosystem that facilitates organic and autonomous assistance for people, recognising and responding to need.

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